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Shrapnel – 8/1/11

Well, it’s August.

In Columbus, about the only good thing about that is we’re that much closer to mid-September (or early October, depending on your preference), and therefore that much closer to hockey.

On the other hand, in Long Island, today is probably the biggest day of their offseason, as today’s vote will determine if they get a new building or not. Should the referendum fail, it seems all but certain that Charles Wang will move the team – perhaps even selling them outright, with destinations ranging from Brooklyn to Seattle coming up in discussions.

For the last minute discussions, and to see how the fans are feeling, head over to Lighthouse Hockey.

Over at Puck Rakers, Aaron Portzline says his own goodbyes to Larry Larson, who finished his final show on 610 WTVN yesterday with Scott Arniel, RIck Nash, Dave King, and other guests calling in to wish him well.

It seems Mike Modano wasn’t pleased with how Detroit traveled during the playoffs. Given that he’d been playing in Dallas and Minnesota, I’m confused how “There’s a lot of really crappy travel in the Western Conference” was news.

Looks like there’s a new contributor over at Fire That Cannon, and she wants to learn how to Dexshow.

Speaking of a New York arena that IS being remodeled, check out the details of the “Sky360” club in the revamped Madison Square Garden, which will give VIPs a chance to see the players entering and exiting the locker rooms on their way to the ice.

Looks like Icethetics banged out another NHL Jersey Watch when we weren’t looking.

So, The Checking Line did a “Central Focus” preview of the Jackets…and I count more than 5 major errors before you even get to the conclusions. Read. Point. Laugh.

Staying in the division, Shea Weber and the Predators had to submit written briefs yesterday in advance of his arbitration hearing scheduled for tomorrow. Sometimes that exchange of positions in writing can help push negotiations through – and sometimes it doesn’t. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

USA Today’s Kevin Allen has his 10 early projections for the next season. You’ll like #1.

PHT has some more info on Lord Stanley’s summer, including his time in Finland, ┬áToronto, and Niagara Falls.

The Lightning are giving their fans a chance to be “the face of the team” on game tickets. Interesting idea, but honestly I’m just as happy with my ticket book giving me pictures of the players, thanks.

Last but not least, CannonFest is coming…and so is a new video from Skraut!

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