Shrapnel - 8/2/11

With news the New York Islanders attempt to secure funding for a new arena has failed at the polls, you feel for the fans, who are now entering an era of uncertainty. While the team's lease does run until 2015, the question of what will follow is an open one, though the guys at LHH feel there is still hope. The biggest paradox is, unlike Columbus, where an arena issue failed, but the city OKed construction with public money, the local governments have blocked private development, too.

Not surprisingly, a lot of questions are starting to rise about the team leaving Long Island, and the community is certainly giving a message that they may not want them to stay. It'll be an interesting saga to watch. For more, check out the takes at and PHT as well.

In happier (and more Blue-Jacketsy) news, Fox Sports Ohio is preparing to roll out the red carpet to kick off this season with a programming package they're calling "Countdown to Face Off" beginning September 1st. Check out the schedules and some early reaction from Dark Blue Jacket and Light The Lamp.

Around the NHL, recently acquired San Jose Sharks defenseman Brent Burns got himself pizzaid, while Shea Weber's arbitration hearing has begun, with the two sides unable to agree to a deal prior to their 9am hearing.

The Jackets have posted another prospect profile video, this time featuring Cam Atkinson!

Over at Pension Plan Puppets, Steve Smith is working on a new forward ranking system to classify who does the best job of controlling action on the ice. This is still a work in progress, but Jackets fans should look at the leaders for the past two years under this metric and get a little smile...

Over at Puck That Hurts, Jo takes a look back in time to Ace Bailey's career ending head injury, and how lucky he was to survive.

Versus will be rebranded to NBC Sports this winter. There's a big shocker.

Over at Ten Minute Misconduct, Jeff is back from his vacation and does a whirlwind catchup post, including discussions of CannonFest and an announcement that he has a LOT planned for the remaining offseason. Can't wait to see it!

Puck Daddy talks with ESPN's John Buccigross about his hockey guilty pleasures. Let's all take a moment to mourn for NHL2Night once again.

Over at The Checking Line, they're looking at "Quick Strike Goals" - Columbus was in the bottom third, with quick strike goals making up almost 1/5 of their goals allowed last season. Not  surprisingly, cutting down on that might have made quite a bit of difference...

So here we are, and there you go. Have a good morning!

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