Coming Soon: The SBN iPhone App

You may have seen this elsewhere, but it's confirmed - SBNation (and by extension, US!) will be getting an iPhone app in the near future. After several months of tinkering and development, it was submitted to Apple for final approval, and should (hopefully) be available in the next few weeks. The app will be a free download, and...well, rather than talking about it, why don't I just show you?

SBN demo from Mark on Vimeo.

Sadly not my voice in the demo, or my phone - I'd have loved to play with this ahead of time, because I know the mobile web version of the page can be rather iffy.

For those more interested in an Android version, I'm hearing it will be out by the the end of the year. If people are interested, we can put a note up in Shrapnel when each version of the app is available for download.

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