Product Review: Easy Canvas Prints

I was recently approached by Easy Canvas Prints to review their product. It's a simple process- you take one of your favorite photos, and Easy Canvas Prints turns it into a beautiful work of art. After selecting the size of your canvas (the one I reviewed is 8"x10"), you then select your photo (I grabbed one of Nasher in the thirds), then you choose your border (I went with solid blue, rather than wraparound) and finally you can add effects, if desired, to the photo. You can select from various sizes, from 8"x8" all the way up to 24"x36". You can also choose from two thicknesses, and also the type of wraparound you desire, whether it's a solid color or a continuation of your image. The whole process took about five minutes and the product was shipped to me in under two weeks.

Here are a couple of pictures of the canvas:



This will look great in my (under construction) home bar!

My camera doesn't do it justice- the colors are vivid and the picture on the canvas is very clear. Given the ease of design and prompt shipping, along with a very reasonable price structure for the various sizes, I would highly recommend this product to any sports fan. It's a perfect addition to any man cave, or you could go with a picture of something that isn't sports-related for the spouse or significant other. Either way, it's a fantastic product.

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