Today in the "A": The Riley Webisode

This week's Falcons Webisode has a new guest. None other than Falcons Coach Rob Riley joins Damon Markiewicz to touch on a few subjects as Riley prepares to head out to Traverse City and the Prospects Tournament that will get underway this coming Saturday.

Coach Riley and Assistant Coach Brad Larsen scouted throughout the Calder Cup playoffs. Their input was shared with Bruce Landon and Chris MacFarland, forming the foundation for some of the free agent signings that took place in July.

Speaking of the prospects tournament, Riley commented that "some teams are stacked". He mentioned that Columbus doesn't play it that way, but this year the Jackets will be bringing lots of defense to the tourney. Riley feels that 11 or 12 of the Traverse City players could end up in Springfield.

Falcons training camp will be getting underway the weekend of the 24th and 25th in Springfield. Riley expects to have 10 or 11 guys in camp before Columbus starts to send players down. His biggest unknown is when players will be sent. He anticipates having most of his roster in place by the time the October 1st preseason game with Providence takes place.

The Falcons coaching staff is excited about the Traverse City tournament this year. When they went last year, they had only been on the job for a week or two and really went into the event cold. This year, they know the Jackets organization, they know the players and are really looking forward to the tournament.

When speaking of the upcoming season, Riley mentions that the forwards and the goaltending will have a whole new look to them. He says the defense will look familiar to Falcons fans this season. Expecting Theo Ruth, Cody Goloubef, John Moore, David Savard, Anton Blomqvist, Brent Regner, possibly Steven Delisle and Dalton Prout. When you listen to the interview, tell me if you hear the name Nick Holden. I didn't.

The coach closes with a comment about Columbus' strong commitment to Springfield. "That bodes well for all of us."

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