Shrapnel - 9/7/11

Welcome to Wednesday! It doesn't seem like much, but we're now only two days away from the team's rookies reporting to camp.

There were two big news items for the hockey world - one a moment we'd been anticipating for some time, and the other that many have been dreading.

On the good side, the Winnipeg Jets unveiled their new jerseys yesterday. I know a lot of people are underwhelmed, but honestly? I thought they looked pretty good. I might buy a road sweater for my collection after the initial frenzy dies down.

(Also, for all the people complaining that only the player grade jerseys will be on sale at the start of the season? It's not a cash grab - well, not much of one, anyhow - that's what RBK had to get production done on first for the team itself...)

The other major news came when Sidney Crosby and the Penguins announced he'll be holding a press conference today at noon. There's a great deal of speculation on what will or will not be said. Personally, I still hope for what we've been hearing this entire time: "I'm taking it slowly and working out within the limits set by my doctors. When I'm ready to come back, I will."

On the Jackets' side of things, let's kick it off with DBJ taking a look at more of the quandary that is Ryan Johansen.

Alex Ovechkin has signed a monster deal with Bauer Hockey, and suggested anyone concerned about his physical readiness check out his "perfect" body.


*cough* Anyhow. Puck Rakers has coverage of next Sunday's owner's tournament. There appears to be a discrepancy between what the Dispatch is reporting as game times, and what was on the listing from the club. We contacted the CBJ and were told that the 11am times on the "official" schedule are correct.

Could the Quebec Nordiques return? Now that they have naming rights for a new arena and progress is being made on a building to be constructed by 2015, it sure seems like they're working on it.

Tom Reed has a great feature on Jackets' prospect Boone Jenner growing up with hard work on the farm.

Kyle Turris appears to be willing to hold out from the Coyotes for a new contract. It's a question of performance to date vs. potential, and if he's really trying to get money similar to the other lottery picks from the 2007 draft, well...good luck.

Rob Mixer has a look at what he's watching for this season over at Jackets' Report.

After the news came that he was skating, a lot of people expected Teemu Selanne to be back on the ice for the Ducks this season. Not so fast, reports Ducks GM Bob Murray. It appears his status is still uncertain.

Over at Ten Minute Misconduct, Jeff weighs in on recent discussions about depression, enforcers, and fighting in hockey. There's an excellent bookend over at Puck  Daddy talking about the late Derek Boogard and his battles with addiction. If you only have time to read two links today, make it these.

Justin Bourne takes a look at when a friend becomes an enemy on the ice, which sounds a LOT like an 80s power ballad.

The Puck Rakers "In Depth" series concludes with goaltending, and the numbers aren't mathematically pretty - going by the wins they expect for each goalie, the Jackets would come in at 91 points. But let's face it - we won't know anything until this team starts skating together.

Brian Burke is already setting up his lines for the Maple Leafs. Which I thought was Ron Wilson's job...

LTL has some Blue Jackets fantasy rankings for you.

There's a Bleacher Report slideshow of the worst trade in every NHL team's history. I'll just say I disagree with their choice for Columbus and leave it at that.

Over at Puck That Hurts, Jo has a look at the link between concussions and depression.

Last but not least, the Hockey News "Hot List" is very excited about CBJ 2011 draft pick Mile Reilly.

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