So, James Wisniewski, You Want to Be a Blue Jacket?

Welcome to another installment of "So, You Want to be a Blue Jacket?"!

This series is presented in the form of a mock job interview. The operative word here is mock. We're presenting these from the perspective of the player, as if they were applying for a job with the Jackets. The players themselves aren't involved, so don't contact the team if you disagree with one of their answers! No player will avoid the interview process, not even Rick Nash. Today's interviewee is...


Q) Hi James, tell us a little about yourself.

A) I was born in Canton, MI on February 21, 1984. I am a right-handed shooting defenseman, and I've played a bit of all roles over my career. Most recently, I've been a Power Play aficionado as well as an offensive-minded defenseman with a bit of a rough patch to me. I was drafted by the Blackhawks 156th overall in 2002. I made my debut in 2005 for Chicago, and have also played for the Ducks, Islanders, and Canadiens (and am now signed with the Blue Jackets) in my career.

Q) Tell us about some intangibles you could bring to the Blue Jackets.

A) In terms of intangibles, I would say the fact that I'm willing to mix it up for my teammates, and have played a bit of every role in my career. I can move the puck, boom shots from the point, run the Power Play, and all of that, but I think it's important to note that I'm also not afraid to mix it up. Just ask Jordin Tootoo and Sean Avery. I also have some, though not a ton of, playoff experience.

Q) What areas of your game do you think you can improve on?

A) Well, I need to show some consistency. I had a huge year last year, but until I repeat that performance there will be questions about my "contract year". Until I can show a full season with big numbers as well as solid, top-pairing minutes, those questions will follow me in the context of my huge contract.

Q) Can you give us some examples of your hockey accomplishments?

A) Well, an interesting note, I was traded for Samuel Pahlsson once in my career, when I was sent from Chicago to Anahiem. Other than that, I was the CHL Defenceman of the Year in 2003-2004, and I was tied for the fifth-most points by a defenseman last season.

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