Shrapnel - 9/11/11

For a lot of our readers, this is a strange day.

As much as we'd like to think about hockey, the weekend, and the approach of fall, many reminders will constantly ask us about a terrible morning ten years ago, and how it has changed our lives.

I won't dwell on it here, but I simply suggest you read this take on how CBJ prospect Cam Atkinson and Springfield Falcons coach Rob Riley were affected, or how the hockey world lost a bright talent and a powerfful legend, and say that in my opinion, the greatest memorial we can offer to those who are no longer with us as a result of that day is to keep living our lives as we did the previous morning, and the next, and the next.

We open our hearts to those in our community, we offer the hand of friendship as a nation, we try to make life just a little bit better for ourselves, our loved ones, and our friends, and just perhaps we find ourselves with a world that they would be proud of.

In local news, we'll get to the hockey in the moment, but first I want to say a fond farewell to Tom Reed, who officially completed his time at the Dispatch last night, signed off via Twitter, and will take his talents to the Plain Dealer starting on Monday.

Tom, thank you for all your hard work, your excellent coverage, your clear perspective, and your humble, friendly, and gracious attitude as you spoke to - and spoke WITH - the fan community for the Jackets, the Crew, and the city at large. The folks in Cleveland are getting a treat, and we'll miss you.

OK. Now, let's talk some hockey.

You probably already saw this, but the Jackets' prospects kicked off the 2011 Traverse City tournament by putting on the hurt against Detroit to the tune of 7-3! A great start for a team we all hoped would make a big showing this year. The boys are back in action at 2:30 this afternoon vs. the prospects from the Buffalo Sabres.

I may be one of the very few who actually like the Ducks new third jerseys, so it's nice to see the schedule of appearances - including a match against Columbus on February third.

One of the missions for the CBJ Pucks 'N' Stuff blog is "Highlighting the curious and the obscure" You don't get much more of both than a ticket signed by Geoff Platt, from the game where he scored his first NHL goal.

Craig MacTavish is taking over behind the bench for the AHL's Chicago Wolves, and hopes this will be his fast track back into the NHL.

LTL has a few fanfest pictures up.

Several updates from the KHL and Russian Hockey after last week, from a heartbreaking interview with Pavel Datsyuk, the public memorial in Yaroslavl, and the sad but understandable decision for the team to suspend operations this season as they rebuild and care for the surviving families, to return in 2012.

While TC is the "big" prospects tournament for Columbus, another tournament is taking place wih the Senators, Leafs, Penguins, and Blackhawks, and Ottawa is hoping to see some talent breakthroughs.

Don't forget that Ryan Johansen is blogging for this weekend!

Take a look at how Amway is presenting the Detroit Redwings presented by Amway. And did we mention that they're now  sponsored by Amway? Go diamond! (If it were any other NHL team, I probably wouldn't make as many jokes, but...)

With the deepening talent pool, is this finally the year we see three true scoring lines in Columbus?

Over in Chicago, PHT is wondering if Ray Emery could be exactly what they need. I'm honestly really torn between liking Emery's fire and competitive spirit as a player, and hoping he can succeed there, and thinking "The last thing we need is a division rival getting better in net..."

Over at Bleacher Report, there's three good reasons why this season could see the Jackets back in the playoffs.

Speaking of netminders, PHT also asked if NHL teams are better off looking for a top goalie in free agency or building through the draft.

We'll be back later with more news and updates. Have a great rest of your weekend!

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