Shrapnel - 5/22/2011

So, when we talked about Winnipeg being aflame with speculation about the possibility of the team moving, it seems some Thrasher fans took us literally. You'd think that historically, they'd be a little more circumspect about playing with fire, but c'est la vie.

Good on the Thrasher fans for coming out to show support for their team, but if the sale of the team to True North really is basically done, I have to say that the Atlanta Spirit ownership holding season ticket sales is an awfully classless move. Don't tease the fans who have done their all to support the team in spite of your weak management.

Meanwhile, the Lightning decided to spot the Bruins a 3-0 lead (and pulled Dwayne Roloson), then roared back to tie their series at 2-2 with five unanswered goals. Tim Thomas decided to get in touch with his inner Messier and promised afterward that Boston would win this series - no word on if he also got in touch with the inner Mess by taking his Vezina trophy to a strip club afterward, but we can hope.

As we get ready for game 4 in the Western Conference Finals, Pro Hockey Talk debates the "choker" label for Joe Thornton. I think I'd be willing to suggest that Joe himself is a solid playoff performer, but the Sharks themselves? Not so much....though this year, it could certainly change if they can hold serve against the Canucks.

Over at DBJ, Gallos isn't so sure he's thrilled about the idea of a move to the East, but Lori Schmidt is prepared to dance in the streets.

On Twitter, some sobering news as the Dispatch's Tom Reed points out that if the Jackets fail to meet qualifiers next season, their revenue sharing would be cut in half. THAT, my friends, is a weakness in the CBA. I've yet to understand why the solution for struggling markets is to slash the revenue sharing that might help them stay more stable.

On the other hand, Kevin Paul Dupont of suggests that perhaps the NHL should force "struggling" markets like Atlanta/Winnipeg, Nashville, or, yes, Columbus, to guarantee money from their municipal governments, much as Glendale has subsidized the losses of the Coyotes, and frankly, that's between stupid and crazy. Glendale / Phoenix is the very textbook example of an exceptional situation (and arguably for a mishandled situation, at that) - this is NOT the new business model.

Finally, a bit of closure in the life of Derek Boogard as he was laid to rest in his home of Regina, Saskatchewan. Rest in peace, Derek, and our thoughts are with the Boogard family.

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