Shrapnel - 12/24/11

If you're like me, you spent most of yesterday going insane trying to get last errands and chores done before the holidays, and today is mostly going to be spent finally relaxing before packing up the car tomorrow morning and going out to visit your family on Christmas day.

Not much going on around Columbus, but there was a bit of hockey news spreading here and there - let's take a look at what we've got.

An off-ice story came to an end after the assault charges against NESN/NBC/CBC analyst Mike Milbury were dropped. There's also additional coverage of the court hearing from Friday on Puck Daddy and SBN.

This will shock you, but Scott Arniel says the status quo isn't working. Scott old son, the status hasn't been quo since November.

With the World Juniors starting Monday, Bruce Ciske sees team USA (including Jackets' prospect T.J. Tynan) being a big factor.

Some more bad news for the Jackets - their strength of schedule gets even more difficult after the holidays.

Someone in Buffalo really loves Thomas Vanek, and really hates his neighbors.

LTL talks a bit more about Thursday's collapse (I haven't forgotten scoring chances - they'll be out later today) and Greg thinks it's time to confess our sins over at DBJ.

Backhand Shelf talks a bit more about the Montreal situation and how Ken Hitchcock is adapting to a new generation of hockey player.

In case you missed it: Westside Paul wrote an open letter to Scott Howson.

At Puck Daddy, the Wild are feeling the pain from major injuries and Jimmy Howard has added his voice to complaints about goaltenders getting run this season.

Finally, a big bundle of holiday joy here from LTL, Carry The Flag, TMM, DBJ, and the Blue Jackets themselves. If Ryan Johansen and John Moore singing Christmas Carols wasn't rookie hazing, I don't know what is.

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