Shrapnel - 12/23/11

As the song goes, Merry $*%#in' Christmas.

Thank you, Sex Pistols.

On the other hand, maybe it's more of a Peter Paul & Mary Christmas to describe this team? Hey, Ho, Nobody Home sounds pretty accurate.

Here's reactions to last night's implosion from Backhand Shelf, CBJ Blog, Jackets Report (including somebonus quotes), Martini Hockey, Puck-Rakers, Strait-Jackets, DBJ, TMM, and the Dispatch.

Oh, and we had a few things to say, too.

If there are teams in a worse position than us lately, it might just be the Montreal Canadiens, and Carey Price uncorked on the media yesterday after getting torched 4-0.

Over at SBN, Dominik looks at various power plays around the NHL and had some good things to say about Columbus. Hey, they went 4 for 6 last night - I'm sure that'll boost their numbers.

Icethethics has a few new minor league threads, Bob Hunter is jumping on the Fail for Nail train (and LTL has a look at the latest McKeen's standings), and Deryk Engelland received a 3 game suspension for his headshot on Marcus Kruger.

LTL looks at the Jackets' history of choking hazards, while The Coach talks a little about understanding the early and late game struggles.

A few more thoughts from outside the walls: Nik Kronwall is still Kronwalling, Daren Pang apparently has cephalophobia, The Chicago Blackhawks had a holiday sing-a-long, Puck Dadd looks at hockey toys of yore, somehow the Jackets are not in the 10 biggest hockey bloopers of 2011, Dale Hunter may already be a lame duck in Washington, and Puck Daddy looks at some soccer moves.

Finally, the Dispatch takes a look at the World Juniors and Jeff puts on his druid robes for some winter solstice thoughts over at TMM.

Happy Festivus. Please feel free to air your grievances

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