Shrapnel - 10/26/11

It's amazing how much better the world looks after a big fat win, huh?

If you somehow missed it, yes, the Jackets won last night, and the mainstream hockey press is just as surprised as you are.

For more postgame reactions, check out our recap, LTL, a very special tribute at FMJ, Carry The Flag, CBJ Blog, Martini Hockey, Strait Jackets, DBJ, and a fun "In game thoughts" piece by The New Jackets Fan.

Phew. It's amazing how many more of these you see after a good day!

Over at Backhand Shelf, Dan has a new favorite blog, Justin talked about fun with gambling, they added some more video blogs, and Bourne also broke down Jaromir Jagr's breakaway shredding.

Yesterday morning, the Dispatch's Michael Arace suggested the team ignore their past. Today, Bob Hunter looks at the feelings from breaking the streak, and not to let them get too overwhelming one way or the other.

Over at the main NHL hub, Travis speaks out about the NHL's lack of mandatory eye protection. An interesting point brought up by hockey injury expert Jo Innes on Twitter: Nearly every pro league except the NHL and the USA hockey "adult level" teams require a visor. Puck Daddy also looks at why some of Chris Pronger's own teammates still refuse to visor up, even after Pronger's traumatic injury and Ian Lapierre's career coming to an end, both of which a visor may have been able to prevent.

Before last night's game, DBJ saw a fork in the road for the Jackets.  Honestly, I think which way they go is still unclear.

Your Puck Daddy roundup: Looking for why Jaques Martin should keep his job, a reaction to Scott Howson's Stand and Fight missive, a postmortem for UAH hockey, Zdeno Chara will haunt your dreams as the pink fuzzy horror that is Fluffmodeus, lord of nightmares, Pavel Datsyuk talks about working the window at Timmy's, and Reebok offers more jerseys...for the ladies.

Some more drabbles from around the league: Scott Niedermayer is hoping to go to the hall of fame as a Devil, the head of College Hockey, Inc is unsurprisingly in favor of raising the draft age, Roberto Luongo continues a rough start, Shane Doan hits goal #300, and a pair of looks at shooting percentages from Hockey Prospectus and Arctic Ice Hockey.

Your last words go to Jeff Little for the second morning in a row - it seems he was getting tired of the "If Game" before last night's matchup.

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