Shrapnel - 10/25/11

Happy Game Day! It's finally time to see what the Wiz can do.

We had a scary incident last night in Philly when Chris Pronger took a stick to the eye. I repeat, why aren't visors mandatory? The good news is he's OK and should be able to return in about a week, but I don't understand why the NHL isn't pushing visors the same way they mandated helmets at this point.

Over at Carry The Flag, they've got a roster review from the past week.

At Backhand Shelf, they talk about P.K. Subban, high expectations, and wondering if everything is going to plan, current and former players sound off on the worst jerseys ever...and what it was like to wear them, and saying that, yes, despite the lack of Crosby and Malkin, perhaps the Penguins are just that good.

For Puck Rakers, yesterday was a serious PK day.

Department of WTF: Anton Stralman worked out all pre-season with the Devils, so of course the Rangers offer him a contract.

Meanwhile, PHT thinks there could be a goalie controversy in Florida, Jaromir Jagr looked like Jagr last night, the Duds of the Week look rather familiar, and David Booth got his first taste of the Vancouver media.

Over at Strait Jackets, Dannie is all in, and doesn't want to hear from anyone jumping ship.

Your Puck Daddy roundup: Alex Ovechkin meets his wax doppleganger, everyone bought low on the David Booth deal, Team Canda offers a throwback to the far off '90s (I actually think the patterned hem is neat), they finally sent someone home on BOTB, and some talk about how the Rangers will handle Winter Classic tickets.

Finally, in Shrapnel as in life, Jeff Little has the last word over at TMM.

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