Game 9 Open Thread: DET @ CBJ 10/25

In case you haven't heard it 10,000 times today, Merry Wizmas.

More importantly, here's hoping for a win tonight. Did you put money on the board? Perhaps you changed your lucky socks? Shaved something near and dear to you? Whatever works to turn this team's abysmal luck around, we'll try it.

The biggest thing, as hard as it is to try and keep a level head, is that we don't put unreasonable expectations on James Wisniewski. He's good, but he's not God.

That said, I'm happy to be proved wrong if he'd like to step on the ice tonight and unload the first ever hat trick by a Blue Jackets defenseman.

So, Jackets, Wings. Let us know what you think, who ya got, and maybe what your move to try and turn this team's luck around is in the comments!

Scott Howson has called for the team to Stand and Fight. We're right behind him. Go Jackets!

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