Shrapnel - 1/4/11

Good morning! As I mentioned, we're going to be keeping this short, but hopefully informative.

LTL compares the club's history of General Managers and asks "When is Enough Enough?"

Rob has practice quotes and a look at the continued rising star of d-man John Moore over at Jackets Report.

Queue the Tabernac! from Montreal, where the club bent over to apologize for hiring an anglophone coach while Cunneyworth has promised he'll try to learn French. If I'm a Montreal fan, I'm far more upset about the 1-6 record than the language options at the press conference.

Derek Dorsett claims Alex Ovechkin crossed a line on Saturday, while Rick suggests you come to terms with being a CBJ fan.

Alison has another A-list update at DBJ, while Steve over at Puck The Media looks at the lower ratings for this year's Winter Classic, and explains why the numbers will bounce back next year.

Could the Phoenix Coyotes head to Seattle? It's possible, but the lack of a building is a problem.

Backhand Shelf points out that Rick Nash is really good at drawing penalties, an update on the WJC semi-final rivalries (Russia and Sweden ended up in the gold medal game, while Canada (and Boone Jenner) will face Finland for Bronze), and some top 10 Winter Classic / Heritage Classic moments.

That's it for now - have a good morning!

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