What's Next for Scott Arniel?

After his recent... episode... what is next for Scott Arniel?

His reaction was, in a word, embarrassing. Embarrassing for both him and the Blue Jackets organization. I understand being frustrated. Taking it out on a group of reporters when you're in a hole you've dug for yourself is unnecessary.

Beyond that, what does this do to his voice in the room? Does this make Rick Nash feel like the coach has his back? Or does he think he's being coached by someone who can't handle the pressure of the NHL?

If this were Toronto or Philadelphia or New York, Arniel's record, excuses, and complete lack of knowledge of his team wouldn't last another minute.

Can Scott Howson really continue to stand behind Arniel? Do you think Jeff Carter is happy with the idea that he's expected to listen to this guy?

Arniel's team dug a hole for itself well before Christmas. In Columbus, we'll take the first chance to find any "positive signs," no matter how insignificant. Continuing to work hard but analyze his team in an honest manner would have gone a long way. Having such a combative response when someone asks a simple question is not the attitude I'd want to see. At this point, the organization is still expecting him to bring along the next generation of young players.

His credibility among the NHL and the Blue Jackets fan base is next to zero. Whether Howson or Blue Jackets President Mike Priest still believe in him, what can his credibility be throughout the rest of the organization?

Maybe Howson and Priest believe admitting that Arniel isn't right for the job is admitting too much failure on their behalf.

And maybe that's the problem.

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