Week 18: NHL Power Rankings Recap

The final update before the Olympic break.

SB Nation: Not updated (Last week: 10)
NHL.com: 12th (Last week: 14)
TSN: 11th (Last week: 12)
ESPN: 13th (Last week: 11)
CBS Sports: 12th (Last week: 11)
Fox Sports: 10th (Last week: 17)

Average ranking: 12th (Last week: 13)

The Jackets finally seem to be normalizing in the standings and in play, bringing a solid attack against the three California teams en route to a 1-1-1 finish before the Olympic break. The question now becomes: Can the Blue Jackets maintain their momentum after a three week hiatus and sprint toward the Stanley Cup playoffs?

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Will the Blue Jackets make the playoffs?


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