Week 16: NHL Power Rankings Recap

Let's take a look at where the Blue Jackets fall in the eyes of fans and analysts around the league.

SB Nation: 10th place (Last week: 15)

NHL.com: 15th (Last week: Not ranked out of 16)

TSN: 15th (Last week: 17)

ESPN: 16th (Last week: 18)

CBS Sports: 13th (Last week: 22)

Fox Sports: 19th (Last week: 23)

Average ranking: 15th

Takeaway: It's impossible for everyone to watch every game, and to be fair, some of these were filed before the solid wins against Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Bottom line, as great as the win streak feels, there's still a lot for the Blue Jackets to prove around the league. And that's ok. If the Jackets start clearing space for a "Metropolitan Division 2nd Place" banner, we've got a problem. Every indication from Todd Richards, Brandon Dubinsky, and Nathan Horton is that they're not settling. They'll fight to the finish, just like they have in each of the the last eight games.

When you look at the Jackets performance since December 3rd, it gets even more impressive: The team has posted a 16-6-1 record. Take away the stinker against St. Louis and every remaining loss has been close on the score sheet. This is more than Horton or Sergei Bobrovsky. Though if Bob keeps playing at the level he has since returning from injury, he could play his way right back into Vezina consideration for a second year in a row.

Your turn: Rank the Blue Jackets (Parameters based on high and low power rankings from around the league)


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