Just Something Silly: Blue Jackets Softball

There's nothing like a bit of a goofy trend, and what better for a lazy Memorial Day afternoon than a bit of softball?

You may have heard this quote from LA Kings GM Dean Lombardi talking about Dustin Penner:

"Dustin [Penner] is at the crossroads of his career. He can choose to use his athletic ability to either become a dominant power forward in the National Hockey League or be a dominant number four hitter for the El Cid Lounge in a men’s softball league — the choice is his."

Because there's nothing like beating a meme to death, the guys at Battle of California and Broad Street Hockey both put together a squad for their clubs, and I figured, hey, why not...?

1. Kristian Huselius - 2B

Quick on his feet, great offensively when he feels like it, and with no less than three people around him to cover, defensively, for his weaknesses? Yeah, seems like a good fit.

2. Matt Calvert - RC

Decent offensive ability, but most importantly he has the speed to exploit a weak pitch or to hustle for a double or two.

3. R. J. Umberger - LF

All around solid play, versatile and able to make the moves on defense or offense. Exactly what you need to set up for...

4. Rick Nash - P

Admittedly, I've no idea how much heat Nasher has on his splitter, but he's got the touch to deliver big hits in cleanup, and the finesse to help manage the game from the mound.

5. Fedor Tyutin - SS

A good all around guy who can provide some protection in the order for Nash, but he also can make surprisingly agile moves in the infield. (And, since we are talking about Tyuuts, he'll probably manage to make a spectacular jaw dropping error once or twice a game, but that's life.)

6. Marc Methot - 3B

Reliable, easygoing, and the guy who will swing for the fences if he needs to, but bunt if you ask.

7. Jakub Voracek - RF

He's got a great arm when he can get himself going, but let's face it, it doesn't hurt to keep him out of trouble, right?

8. Derrick Brassard - LC

When you need a guy who can burn it to the back of the field to make a catch, or rush in quick? Yeah, Brass would be exactly it. And it doesn't hurt that he can probably pop a few bonus singles to go with it.

9. Derek Dorsett - C

It's not so much that I think of Doors as being an exceptionally agile guy (and let's face it, putting Mason here would be a stereotype), but can you imagine anyone more willing to take the throw from the infield and stand up a runner at the plate?

10. Antoine Vermette - 1B

That little burst of hitting power, right at the end, plus quick reflexes and a solid glove to work plays at the bag.

So, there's my ideas. Let's hear it from you - like it? Hate it? Who would you be putting together?

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