Shrapnel - 5/31/2011

The story, as they say, is the story.

Today, though I'll happily provide you up a few other tasty tidbits from around the aether, there's only one story burning its' way across the hockey headlines: Winnipeg is back.

Per Bob McKenzie of TSN, the relocated team is expected to play in the Southeast division for next season, with a realignment of the NHL planned for 2012-2013. The only hurdles, at this point, are board of governors approval (and let's face it - they woudln't be this far without at least tacit approval of everything by the BoG), and figuring out what to call the team. Apparently the plan to "graduate" the Manitoba Moose branding to the NHL is running into the unexpected roadblock of just how badly public sentiment in Winnipeg (and, hell, most of Canada) is demanding the returned team become the "new" Jets.

I feel horrible for fans in Atlanta - and I totally understand the feeling that the NHL has failed them, especially after seeing the fight in Phoenix. But the problems of Phoenix were not the problems of Atlanta, and the most damning fact is simply that you cannot sell a team to someone who does not wish to buy it. Despite talk of "potential" local ownership, nothing had materialized in six years. Compound that with a long history of epic mismanagement and you have a bitter brew indeed.

Be grateful to the McConnell family. When you compare the tenures of Don Waddell and Doug MacLean....well, let's just say that there but for the grace of god go we.

In actually pleasant, hopeful news, has started their NHL Draft Combine blog! Keep an eye on it through the week for a look at how some of the guys we've been profiling this month are performing. PHT also took a moment to reflect on the first combine without the presence of E.J. McGuire, who did so much to grow the NHL's central scouting department, and make the combine into an event unto itself.

Over at Dark Blue Jacket, Tom takes a look at the Jackets in "turnaround" games, and sees some concerning trends.

He also reacts to the whole Ohio State situation, and makes a good point that this may not affect the Jackets directly, but it's news that is unwelcome for the team and the city as a whole.

Do you have a hockey blog? Have you been having trouble updating it? Tapeleg challenges you to get more active.

Flames captain Jarome Iginla made a surprise visit to members of the Canadian Forces deployed in Afghanistan.

The Florida Panthers have signed promising young forward Jack Skille, who they acquired in the Michael Frolik deal.

Fire The Cannon has a recap of the Memorial Cup, and a look at the few Jackets' prospects who took part.

Mark Recchi is prepared to go out on top if the Bruins can win the cup. If he does, he'll be the second oldest player to win the cup in NHL history.

On that same note, check out this nice Q&A between Nucks Misconduct and Stanley Cup of Chowder as they get ready for Wednesday.

Finally, we salute another Columbus institution - Hoggy's BBQ turns 20 today. Put it firmly in the "it's not good for you, but it's still pretty damn good" category, and go grab some burnt ends and corn bread.

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