Holiday Gift Guide for Columbus Fans

When it comes to the holidays, it's all about giving. What can you offer that Columbus fan in your life? Let me help you out.

'Tis the season.

This time of year, it's all about giving. There exists a battered and determined group of fans who've offered their loyalty to a fledgling team from central Ohio known as the Columbus Blue Jackets. There has been little to smile about for this group, so what better way to turn their frowns upside down than to give them some sweet CBJ swag, and other items meant to give them hope and an outlet for their frustration of not only the team's lack of success, but the league's willingness to wipe out entire seasons.

1) For the fan who wants to look the part, there are numerous ways to acquire sweaters, both of the authentic and replica variety. Though you'll be paying full price, the best way to go if you want a customized sweater is through the NHL Shop. I've used both the NHL shop and "other" outlets to acquire authentic, customized sweaters, and you can't beat the quality and authenticity that the league store offers.

2) If you're buying for a scratch golfer, they may briefly chuckle if you were to give them these, and tuck them away or re-gift them down the line. If you're like me, where the score for most holes turns out something like:

"Hey Mike, how'd you do on 13?"

"Uhhh, lost count bro. Better make it a snowman."

"How many balls did you lose?"

"Not sure man, could I borrow a couple?"

...then this item will never be used for its intended purpose, for the fear of losing the balls with one ugly slice into the woods. Rather, these little guys will be left in-package, placed somewhere strategic in your CBJ man cave.

3) There's always the game-worn equipment. If they like stank-ass gear, of course. I never understood that one, but hey, its out there if they want it.

4) Columbus fans are a tragic lot. There's no shame in letting the tears flow, man. When things are tough, wrap yourself up in one of these, lay on the couch, and fast forward to mid-way through this, and let it ride.

5) For the Jacket fan who's more than once been accused of being tacky, there's this gem.

6) Who doesn't want the classic nutcracker? You know, I think I might pick one of these suckers up myself.

7) The holidays are messy, and there's the endless parties. Your party, your work party. The wife's work party. Friends parties. Too much eggnog give you the rumblies in the tumblies? When the inevitable gastrointestinal pyrotechnics begin, no matter which end of you is the business end, wipe yourself clean with this. Or this. Or this. All are perfect options.

8) Think they may be in the market for a shoulder-season jacket? This one's pretty bad-ass.

9) Pretty much anything purchased here will make that CBJ fan happy.

10) This.

There you have it folks, ten things that will surely turn any CBJ fan's holiday season into the best ever. Of course, the thing we all want the most is for play to resume, and peace, love and safety over the holiday season for all.

Happy holidays!

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