Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament: Games 13 and 14

Gritty grit grit grit

Reminder: You can still vote on all previous first round match-ups by clicking on the “2017 Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament” link at the top of the page.

Today we enter the final quadrant of the bracket, which features players currently on the Columbus Blue Jacket roster.

Round 1, Game 13: Jack Johnson vs. Matt Calvert

Johnson, D: 368 GP; 33 G; 110 A; 143 P

Notes: Arriving in the Jeff Carter trade, JJ arrived at a low point in franchise history yet immediately took a leadership role on the team. 2016-17 was his best defensive season in years, forming a solid 1b pairing with David Savard.

Calvert, LW: 347 GP; 63 G; 62 A; 125 P

Notes: I have been hard on Calvert in the last year, but I must confess he’s one of my favorite Blue Jackets. One can’t help but admire his high motor and his collection of clutch goals (click that link to rewatch videos of his playoff game-winner or his “Bandage Game” goal)

Round 1, Game 14: Brandon Dubinsky vs. Josh Anderson

Dubinsky, C: 307 GP; 60 G; 135 A; 195 P

Notes: Like Johnson, Dubinsky is another player who took control of the locker room upon his arrival. In the aftermath of the Nash trade, Dubi attempted to fill that leadership void. His combination of skill and physicality personifies the post-2013 Blue Jackets identity. Also he gets under Sidney Crosby’s skin and we all love that.

Anderson, RW: 96 GP; 18 G; 16 A; 34 P

Notes: Andy made quite an impression in his first full season, tallying 17 goals in 78 games. Much like his opponent today, he has a combination of goal-scoring and hitting ability that the front office clearly values. After the investment to protect him from the expansion draft, his role should expand this year.

Share your memories in the comments, and cast your votes below:

Favorite Blue Jacket, Games 13 and 14

Johnson and Dubinsky83
Johnson and Anderson18
Calvert and Dubinsky86
Calvert and Anderson14

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