Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament: Games 11 and 12

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Reminder: You can still vote on all previous first round match-ups by clicking on the “2017 Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament” link at the top of the page.

Welcome to Week 2 of the Favorite Blue Jacket Tournament! We’ll finish the first round and start the second round this week. Today we get the second set of match-ups featuring recently departed players from the JD/Jarmo era.

Round 1, Game 11: Scott Hartnell vs. Artem Anisimov

Hartnell, LW: 234 GP; 64 G; 82 A; 146 P

Notes: Hartsy approved a trade to Columbus after the 2014 season in the hopes of winning a Cup here. He only got back to the playoffs in his final season, but he provided a steady presence in the lineup, and reliable scoring (though declining) despite his age.

Anisimov, C: 168 GP; 40 G; 44 A; 84 P

Notes: Arty was part of two of the biggest trades in CBJ history: he arrived in the Rick Nash trade, then departed in the Brandon Saad trade.

Round 1, Game 12: Fedor Tyutin vs. Derek MacKenzie

Tyutin, D: 553 GP; 39 G; 146 A; 185 P

Notes: Tyutin is #2 on the list of most games played in a Blue Jackets uniform.

MacKenzie, C: 279 GP; 31 G; 38 A; 69 P (nice)

Notes: D-Mac was a good 4th line center and PK performer, SO WHY COME WE DIDN’T SIGN HIM IN 2014

Share your memories in the comments, and cast your votes below:

Favorite Blue Jacket, Games 11 and 12

Hartnell and Tyutin91
Hartnell and MacKenzie49
Anisimov and Tyutin37
Anisimov and MacKenzie10

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