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CannonFest Update!


A little over 6 weeks from now, our long, strange off season will finally come to an end with the first pre-season matchup of 2010.

Just over a week and a half from now, you can be sitting at a table in Grandview with a roomful of CBJ fans to commiserate over the long off-season, talking about what you think about the upcoming season, debate the new coaching system, mull over off-season moves, and get a head start on drowning your sorrows.

You may have heard that the Jacket Backers will be at CannonFest, and perhaps giving away prizes? It’s true!

You may have heard that our generous hosts have offered us special CannonFest coupons? The first one is right here!


But what you may not have heard is that Skraut, CBJ fan video creator extraordinaire has been working to create a brand new video to help fire you up for the 2010-2011 season…and that video will make it’s world premiere on the big screens at CannonFest!

If you’re not getting excited yet, consult your doctor, because you may not have a pulse.