Hey Jackets fans!

I am sitting in the dining room of my new house, I've got boxes and plastic storage containers surrounding me, with my laptop cycling in and out of connectivity with the wireless internet that I am stealing from one of my new neighbors. This is the first house for my wife and I, we are in our early twenties and decided to make the move from apartment living to home ownership.

Enough of that though!

Let's talk about August and what you would like to see from Andrew, Matt, Andy, Clint and myself this month. I have a piece on what the Springfield Falcons roster should look like to start the year coming soon (internet provider is hooking me up on Thursday), and the boys and myself are going to look into some potential training camp battles later in the month. Of course if there are any major headlines coming from Jacket land we'll give you our spin on them, but what else would you like to see from The Cannon?

Hit the comments, and if you want insight on something specific, or a new feature, whatever it may be, we'll try to make it happen.

Now let's see if the wireless will stay connected long enough for me to post this....

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