Cannonfest: Meet Chef Laura!

As we get ready for this year's Cannonfest, meet one of the food truck chefs who will be serving up deliciousness for you!

I have to admit that I'm biased - I got to try Ajumama's food early on, and I've been hooked ever since. I've gotten to know Chef Laura Lee, the smiling face (and brilliant mind) behind the truck, and as soon as we decided to go the food truck route, I was asking if she was available, so I'm really excited that she said yes!

Specializing in Korean street food with an American twist, Ajumama has become famous around town for their Bulgogi Cheesesteaks, kid friendly Dduk 'n' Cheese, and cinnamon sugar stuffed hodduk cakes, I had the chance to ask a few questions to help you get to know the truck and the woman running it.


Photo courtesy of Breakfast With Nick

Q: OK, I realize this is the question everyone asks, but what made you think that Columbus was a good place to introduce Korean street food?

Columbus is a town where, despite our meat and potato leanings, we eat crazy things like salty ice cream. We also value the independent owner and local products over brands. (funny considering we are "the test market" for the nation).

Q: What are some of your favorite flavors or ingredients to play with that the casual eater may not have a lot of experience with?

I really like getting my hands on some of the traditional veggies but there are so few growers/importers that it makes it a challenge to put something on my menu regularly. Flavor wise I love the funky fermented stuff, but I know it's not for everyone.

Q: I happen to know that you got the chance to go to your first Jackets game (and a few more afterward!) this year. What was that experience like for you?

It was awesome! I was struck by how quiet the game itself was despite it's fast pace.

Q: Anything special on the menu for Cannonfest?

We shall see. It's prime time for the farmer's markets so I'm going to keep my options open.

Q: Last but not least, what's the best way for fans to keep up on what you and the Ajumama family are up to?

The best way is to follow our twitter, @AjumamaCbus, or to check

Thanks again to Chef Laura - we'll look forward to seeing you on August 31st!

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