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Cannon Blasts – August 19, 2014

  • Porty discusses (potentially pay-walled) a couple of big CBJ items – 1) RyJo’s current contract situation, or lack thereof. Essentially the update is there is no update, although the quotes are not entirely encouraging from his agent regarding a potential holdout. 2) The Blue Jackets respond to #ShotsFired by the BC Hockey program that they influenced Milano’s decision to go the OHL route.
  • Brad Friedman covers the culture change that starts at the top with JD.
  • Jerry D’Amigo is looking to stick in Columbus this year.
  • You like #AdvancedStats? Chris Peters of CBSSports takes an in-depth look at the Blue Jackets advanced stats from last year, specifically why Bob is so critical to the team’s success.
  • A couple weeks ago, Clint Linn of Union and Blue wrote about a potentially revamped 4th line for the CBJ.
  • Nathan Horton had a difficult start to his CBJ tenure, but he’s looking to be in top shape for camp./

As mentioned in the first link, it looks like we won’t be seeing movement any time soon on a Johansen signing, although these things can move quickly. It appears that will be the dominant CBJ headline until it gets resolved.