Cannon Blasts - November 18, 2015

All the latest from around the web on the CBJ!

Here we are, in the middle of a three-game win streak (longest of the season). Is that...optimistic fans I hear? Hmmm.

If you need some reading material before the next game (tomorrow), check out the following links:

  • From earlier this week on NHL Network's NHL Live, an interview (video link if you have sound on) with Brandon Saad. The Saadfather speaks with EJ Hrdaek and Steve Mears about transitioning to living in a smaller city, having new teammates, the slow start, and more.
  • Sportsnet takes a look at the gameday posters the Blue Jackets have been pumping out this season.
  • It sounds like the arena deal is not working out well so far, and the owners are seeking a property-tax exemption.
  • From the union and blue - teams are asking if Ryan Johansen is available (LOL).
  • The Hockey Writers give you three storylines to follow.
  • Despite the recent wins, the Jackets have dropped in the most recent edition of power rankings (prior to last night's game).
  • Gary Bettman made how much in 2013-2014?
  • A look at who hit and who missed on free agent signings this summer.
  • Scoring is down so far this NHL season, but at least one writer says calling more penalties will not help bring the goals back.
  • Nick Foligno (and former Jacket Jakub Voracek) are discussed in this article on player declines from last season and whether or not we can expect that to continue going forward.
  • Details are still coming out on the NHL's plan to completely scrap its current format for the All-Star Game. That's right, Nick Foligno may have been one of the last two captains ever for an ASG Weekend. It sounds like each division will have 9-10 skaters and a couple goalies for 3-on-3 play. The Western Divisions will compete in a 20-minute "mini-game" as will the Eastern Conference teams. The winners of each will then play for the championship in a third mini-game.

On to a back-to-back set of games to start the weekend (at Ottawa tomorrow, and then Nashville visits Columbus on Friday). As always, feel free to fanpost anything you see or want to share. If it is a link, you can email that to me as well and I will include in the next round of Cannon Blasts.

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