Musical Throwback Thursday - Community Playlist

As we get set for training camp to start, we want to hear your ideas for a preseason playlist.

Dan has been setting up these Throwback Thursday's this offseason as it relates to music and we thought we would offer a twist this week as we near the start of training camp. We want your input for a "community playlist" of sorts. We'll try to compile (as best we can) all the suggestions and come up with a playlist for the preseason portion of the year.

The hope is that this can change and morph as the season progresses. For example, we probably would have included some more angry and/or sad music as the injuries piled up last season. The goal now is to have something we can all share and listen to at home, in the car, at work, or wherever you are, with music that hopefully symbolizes what the fans are thinking and feeling as preseason approaches.

Today we will be accepting suggestions for our first edition of the playlist. We ask that you limit your initial suggestions to ten songs - remember, we'll need to cut these suggestions down to a reasonable amount of time. If someone has posted a few songs you like and definitely want to throw those out yourself, feel free to keep that on your list. If a certain song is getting multiple votes that is almost a guarantee to be included in the playlist.

Sound pretty simple? Just throw out ten songs that you think embody what you're feeling as a Blue Jackets fan right now. We'll come up with a playlist out of all the suggested songs. From there, we will revisit in a few weeks and perhaps make some changes or overhaul the whole thing. Once suggestions are posted in the comments, we will do our best to get the songs together and a playlist out for everyone to download or stream.

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