Who sent the text?

One of the players responded to Torts’ letter

As training camp approached, Aaron Portzline conducted an excellent interview with Coach John Tortorella over at The Athletic. There was one passage in particular that caught my attention:

AP: You fired off another letter to the players this summer.

JT: Yes.

AP: Has any player ever written back off that letter?

JT: It’s a great question. The answer is yes, and it was this summer. Now, I’m not going to give you his name, but it’s one of our top players …

AP: Of course it’s Dubinsky.

JT: (laughs) Don’t even try to goad me into it. It wasn’t Dubi. I got a text back from them that said something like, “I’m gonna be better. I’ll be f***ing ready.”

So my question is: which player sent that text?

The Criteria

  • A “top player”
  • One who may have had a disappointing season last year
  • One who would casually swear in a text to his head coach/

The Suspects

Brandon Dubinsky: Torts lied, and it was totally Dubi

Nick Foligno: Wait a minute, you’re saying, didn’t Foligno have a good season last season? Of course, but it wasn’t as good as his 2014-15 All-Star season. You know he wants to do even better.

Matt Calvert: Not a “top player” per se, but still the longest tenured one, and one looking to improve his game and stick around.

Ryan Murray: It’s always the silent types that surprise you when they drop an F bomb.

Boone Jenner: Who are we kidding, it was 100% Boone

What do you think? Any suspects that I missed?

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