What would you like to see at The Cannon?


First off, I'd like to thank the CBJ fans who have contributed to the blog thus far, both in the Fanposts and Polls, not to mention the comment sections of our blog posts. The regulars I have noticed thus far are users Dan J, CBJMarty, tricolore, PhillyPhan85, GatorOH and Blazer_Fan_199. Keep up the good work guys and thanks for being a part of The Cannon!

I'd also like to thank Andy and Clint for being great guys to work with on the blog, we all bring a different element, and our main goal is to keep things fresh. The summer can be a dreadfully boring time in the hockey world, so we'll do our best to give Jackets fans a reason to keep checking out the Cannon for news and original content.

That said, what would you the Jacket fan like to see incorporated into the blog? SBNation is a powerful tool, and we have the ability to do so much with this blog. We have sections (a la the depth chart and prospect list), along with the ability to post polls, videos, you name it. Is there something you'd like to see that we haven't done yet? Maybe more of something we have done but not in a while? (some sort of competition, similar to the playoff prediction contest that Clint ran maybe)

I'd really like to hear your feedback, we want this to be the best CBJ blog out there, so your input is very important to us!

Hit the comments guys!


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