Today in the "A": Falcons Webisode

According to Springfield Falcons President and General Manager Bruce Landon, it's getting a little cooler outside and it just feels like there's hockey in the air.

With the Traverse City prospect tournament wrapping up last night, now it's on to training camps as the new season is about to unfold.

Damon Markiewicz mentions that starting October 1st, these weekly looks at the inside of the Falcons organization will have a sponsor. I won't spill the beans here, but the first part of the two part webisode is right here:

Something new that is planned for early season webisodes, is to mix in a player from time to time. This will be good for the fans, mentions Bruce, in that it will give the fans an up close look at a player "without his helmet and faceshield".

Part 2 of the webisode as well as the rest of the recap follow after the jump:

While talking about player accessibility, Damon mentions a season ticket holder, all players bowling event scheduled for November 2nd. All the more reason to get your season tickets!

The big news of the week comes from inside the MassMutual Center! No, it's not Bruce's new office, although he and Damon do talk about that. The big news is that the ice is going in this week! With Falcons training camp scheduled to start on the weekend of the 24th, this is where the MassMutual Center transforms from summer mode to winter mode.

Midway through the second video, Bruce comments on the Traverse City tournament. Usually I keep my descriptions of these webisodes brief, in the hopes that you might watch them. But here I have to mention how Bruce enthusiastically mentions post game phone calls with Rob Riley.

Also, it sounds like there might be a battle for that #7 defenseman spot in Columbus. Coach Riley said that David Savard was the Blue Jackets best defenseman, and quite possibly was the best defenseman in the whole tournament.

If he is Columbus bound, Landon mentions Dalton Prout as a big guy who "hits like a truck". I'm all for a defender like that joining the Springfield blueline.

Finally, the discussion winds down with talk of Opening Night as well as talk of the AHL All Star Classic. Despite some controversy with the choice of Atlantic City to host the All Star Classic, Bruce mentions AHL President Dave Andrews giving a presentation to the Board of Governors that was very convincing and supportive of the venue.

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