Throwback: Monsters’ Record Holder Wasn’t Under Contract with the Team

On December 3rd, 2010, Patrick Rissmiller set the Monsters’ record for most goals scored in a game with four. He ended the game with five points and would be named “Player of the Week” by the AHL.

Plot twist!

When the record was set, Rissmiller may have been wearing a Monsters sweater but he was not under contract with the Colorado Avalanche organization. He was a part of the opposing team’s organization, Atlanta Thrashers/Chicago Wolves.

How is that possible, you ask.

In August of 2010, the New York Rangers traded Rissmiller and Donald Brashear to the Atlanta Thrashers for Todd White. He didn’t crack the Thrashers opening night roster and was sent down to their farm team, the Chicago Wolves.

This is normally where the story ends.

However, you can only dress six veterans a game. At the time, the Wolves had an abundance of vets on their roster. So, Rissmiller sat for many games to start the season.

Realizing the Wolves were crawling with veterans, the Thrashers reassigned Rissmiller to the Monsters in November 2010. Seven games later, he would set the Monsters’ franchise record for most goals in a game.

Here’s where the story takes a fun turn.

The team Rissmiller scored the four goals against? The Chicago Wolves.

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