The Cannon staff makes predictions for the 2021 NHL season

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The NHL season starts TONIGHT and we here at The Cannon are ready for it. Without further ado, here are our picks for the standings and awards for this unique NHL season. Post your own predictions in the comments, and answer some poll questions below.

Cannon Staff Predictions

DivisionPale DragonSeedsElaineRachelWill
Central 1Tampa BayTampa BayColumbusCarolinaTampa Bay
Central 2CarolinaCarolinaCarolinaTampa BayCarolina
Central 3ColumbusDallasTampa BayColumbusNashville
Central 4NashvilleNashvilleFloridaNashvilleColumbus
Central 5DallasColumbusDallasDallasDallas
Central 6FloridaFloridaDetroitFloridaFlorida
Central 7DetroitChicagoNashvilleDetroitChicago
Central 8ChicagoDetroitChicagoChicagoDetroit
East 1BostonBostonPittsbugh (because when JJ leaves, the whole team succeeds)WashingtonWashington
East 2PhiladelphiaPittsburghWashingtonBostonBoston
East 3PittsburghPhiladelphiaBuffaloPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia
East 4NY IslandersWashingtonPhiladelphiaIslandersPittsburgh
East 5WashingtonNew York RangersBostonPittsburghNY Rangers
East 6NY RangersNew York IslandersIslandersRangersNY Islanders
East 7BuffaloBuffaloNew JerseyBuffaloBuffalo
East 8New JerseyNew JerseyRangers (JJ and Tony Deangelo on defense. LOL)New JerseyNew Jersey
North 1TorontoTorontoTorontoTorontoVancouver
North 2MontrealCalgaryCalgaryMontrealToronto
North 3VancouverVancouverVancouverCalgaryCalgary
North 4CalgaryEdmontonEdmontonVancouverMontreal
North 5EdmontonMontrealMontrealEdmontonEdmonton
North 6WinnipegWinnipegOttawaWinnipegWinnipeg
North 7OttawaOttawaWinnipegOttawaOttawa
West 1ColoradoColoradoColoradoColoradoColorado
West 2VegasVegasArizona (don't ask. idk why. it just felt right)St. LouisVegas
West 3St. LouisSt. LouisVegasVegasSt. Louis
West 4ArizonaMinnesotaSt. LouisMinnesotaArizona
West 5MinnesotaSan JoseMinnesotaSan JoseSan Jose
West 6Los AngelesArizonaSan JoseArizonaMinnesota
West 7AnaheimLos AngelesAnaheimLos AngelesAnaheim
West 8San JoseAnaheimLos AngelesAnaheimLos Angeles
Final Four (C)Tampa BayTampa BayColumbusCarolinaTampa Bay
Final Four (E)PhiladelphiaBostonWashingtonPhiladelphiaWashington
Final Four (N)MontrealTorontoVancouverMontrealToronto
Final Four (W)VegasColoradoColoradoColoradoColorado
Cup ChampionVegasColoradoColumbusColoradoColorado
HartNathan MacKinnonNathan MacKinnonCam AtkinsonConnor McDavidNathan MacKinnon
NorrisMiro HeiskanenDougie HamiltonDougie HamiltonSeth JonesSeth Jones
VezinaRobin LehnerJacob MarkstromElvisCarey PriceAndrei Vasilevskiy
CBJ Record31-20-526-23-7Don't make me do this28-21-729-20-7

Can the Blue Jackets unseat Tampa? Or will they battle Chicago and Detroit for the bottom? Or are they somewhere in the gooey middle?

Where will the Blue Jackets finish in the Central Division?


This is the equivalent of a 94.4 point pace in an 82 game season. Last season, the Jackets were on a 94.8 point pace.

Will the Blue Jackets be over or under 64.5 points?


PLD led the team in points last year with 49, but BJORKSTRAND had the edge in point pace with 36 in just 49 games.

Who will lead the Blue Jackets in points?

Pierre-Luc Dubois44
Max Domi32
Cam Atkinson17
Zach Werenski3

This cloud will hang over the team until a trade happens, unless PLD changes his mind. Will Jarmo trade him soon to get past that, or will he let it ride this season with the roster he has?

Will PLD be traded?

This season47
This summer51
Next season24

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