The Report - Episode 0

In which we are introduced to the new and (hopefully) improved podcast!

And, here it is! The launch of our new podcast, The Report!

First of all, stick-taps to commenter "vidstudent" who submitted "The Report," which we adapted to "The Cannon Report" simply for name/brand recognition. We, your nerdy bloggers, found the double-meaning just too good to pass up. [edit] And due to an oversight by me, I had neglected to check and see that there actually is another podcast called "The Cannon Report". I regret this error, and offer my most sincere apologies.

Coming soon will be a discussion with Travis Hughes from Broad Street Hockey, the SBNation Flyers blog. That should be up next week. Also, I'm working on a new intro to the podcast (and had a pretty dumb/cool one for this one that my computer subsequently ate), but one thing at a time.

For now, enjoy the re-branding, and don't be afraid to hold our feet to the fire as we continue to reinvent the podcast in an effort to make it something valuable.


If the player above isn't working, you can click here to download as well. Also, the podcast is available in iTunes. If that's your bag, simply search for "The Report" in iTunes and subscribe!

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