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The Best CBJ GIFs of December

It’s almost the end of December and sure, there are two games left, but there are too many good Columbus Blue Jackets GIFs already. Was there even a game last night? Don’t think so. Not even gonna check. Anyway, let’s look back at some of the best from the final month of 2017:

Doubt this was intentional, but it’s definitely hilarious. If you’ve ever been on skates, you know the feeling of “something bad is seconds away from happening and I’m powerless to stop it.” But you’re not the world’s best goaltender, and he tried his best.

Whether it’s the pictured finger pointing, the D-Generation X “Suck It” or any other move, we all do something like this when the cannon blasts. And it rules.

This came after the final horn sounded on Artemi Panarin’s five-assist night against New Jersey. Lots to notice here: Josh Anderson’s adorable incessant tapping on Panarin’s lid, Nick Foligno’s textbook hug/grateful, 10,000-watt smile and poor Cam Atkinson left hanging at the end of the line. A broken foot will heal, but getting left hanging cuts to the core.

This is like an action scene in a movie, where our hero is seconds away from vanquishing the big boss as evil henchmen close in and make their final, desperate attempts to stop him. It’s also an incredible shot, capping a coast-to-coast Seth Jones effort with a perfect wrister past an overmatched Curtis McElhinney.

This GIF tells an entire story. You can see John Gibson trip Nick Foligno in the first few frames, then Foligno gets up quick, covered in snow, and heads right for Gibson. Then comes the confrontation, where Foligno knocks Gibson on his keister and chaos ensues. Gibson definitely had it coming, and Nick Foligno earns captain points for that move.

What a beautiful pass through two Ducks from Pierre-Luc Dubois and boy, Panarin does not miss from there. Even without Gibson going down, Panarin put that puck in the absolute top right corner and didn’t need a ton of time to do it. Followed by a top-rate fist pump. What a player.

Speaking of Pierre-Luc Dubois, here he is again. The rookie collects a loose puck and spins away from Evgeny Kuznetsov with incredible ease, leaving the Capital forward in the dust. That would be enough on its own, but then Dubois flips the puck past two closing defenders to Josh Anderson in stride. Beautiful.

Here’s Josh Anderson hitting Nazem Kadri so hard he knocked the camera off its housing. Something that went unnoticed on the first 100 viewings: the off-ice officials scrambling to pick up something else that Anderson’s hit knocked off the desk. Incredible.

We don’t deserve Zach Werenski. The body position to open up room along the boards, the stickwork to hold Nick Ritchie’s stick down and then pull the puck around him, and then throw a perfect pass to exit the zone? Jiminy Christmas.

Bob stopped all three shooutout shots to beat Philadelphia in the final game before the holiday break and deserved to celebrate like this. The final arm pump is the cherry on top. He’s adorable.

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