The 2011 Crowdsourced NHL Awards


With the NHL season winding down, one of the interesting side stories has been the Professional Hockey Writers' Association's decision to partially boycott voting in the 2011 NHL awards as a response to the New York Islanders removing the media credentials of PHWA member Chris Botta. While that action didn't directly effect the Blue Jackets, it did make a big impact to the PHWA and their relationship with the NHL, and Columbus' chapter of the PHWA is one of several that have chosen to boycott this year's awards process.

So, in the meantime, the Dark Blue Jacket has decided to open up a fan alternative, to see what fans around the internet would vote for in the place of the PHWA. Nominations will be open this week through Saturday night, after the Jackets' season finale, and voting will take place on the DBJ facebook page next week.

Earthshaking? No. Fun? Hopefully, yes.

Besides, after Saturday we're going to need to do something to keep us interested...

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