Shrapnel - 9/17/11

The waiting is over!

After a long offseason in which many hockey fans dealt with tragedy, and Jackets fans in particular have been wishing would start since Scott Howson started his overhauls this July, it's finally time for skates to hit the ice all over the NHL.

Doors open today at the Ice Haus at 8am. Will you be there?

Over at the Dispatch, they're talking about how the lines will be shaken out in camp, particularly for the #1 LW with Rick Nash and Jeff Carter, a question that is drawing national attention as ESPN's Pierre LeBrun checked in with Carter during physicals yesterday.

In news that will shock absolutely no one, Chris Pronger is the new captain of the Flyers.

Over at CBJ Blog, Andy continues "The Case for Columbus" by talking about the fans, and Mary responds to a Yahoo report that the Blue Jackets are losing fans.

PHT has a look at Martin Brodeur's future plans, especially considering he is in the last year of his contract. Could this be the curtain call for MB30?

Fantastic news from the Blue Jackets themselves - All pre-season home games will be streamed on!

Over at Grantland, Katie Baker has a great look at the Traverse City tournament.

Puck Daddy collects the various tributes to the fallen in use around the NHL this year.

Aaron Portzline provided a Puck-Rakers update yesterday, and the Dispatch also fired up their Four Check blog for the first time this offseason.

Sidney Crosby has been cleared to practice without contact. Excellent news. Here's hoping he'll be back to the NHL sooner than later, but again, I hope he doesn't take any actions without considering his long term health.

A few more takes on the arena: Martini Hockey talking about the value of the "home" and "future", DBJ discussing the "Grand Experiment" of trying to be the only privately funded NHL arena in the US, and the NHL realignment blog actually thinks the plan is decent, but only if the Jackets spend more money on the team. Finally, Jeff Little puts in a few closing thoughts before getting back to hockey.

Alex Ovechkin throws out the first pitch at an Orioles game and opens a can of worms. Can hockey players commit their own jersey fouls?

Over at Columbus Wired, Justin Boggs argues it's not about a hot start, it's about a hot finish.

Want to see what real negotiating hardball looks like? Dean Lombardi has announced that their contract offer on the table for Drew Doughty will drop by $25,000 for each day he holds out of camp. Quisp responds with a bit of advice for Mr. Doughty over at JFTC.

The Jacket Backers will be going to the 9/29 pre-season game against the Wild in one of the party towers! Check out how you can win tickets!

The guys at Broad Street Hockey attempted to define clutch play. Very interesting stuff!

Gallos continues part V of his CBJ history with the Howson era.

The Capitals will use their Winter Classic throwbacks as a third jersey this season. It's amazing how you change your mind about never wearing a third jersey when you find out you can print money.

Martini Hockey has a good perspective on the NHL's new social media policy.

Finally, in a bit of non-hockey news, congrats to the Clippers for their back to back Governor's Cup wins! On to the national championship!

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