Shrapnel - 8/31/11

For the last time this summer, we have Shrapnel for August. That means tomorrow, there will be Shrapnel for September, and we'll be kicking this pig into high gear.

As promised, James Wisniewski jumped into the "Fanboni", rode down to Cinci, took some batting practice, threw out the first pitch, and had an interview with Jim Day where he brought back memories of an old friend. I think he's going to do just fine here.

Some bad news for former Jacket Pascal Leclaire - despite undergoing hip surgery in April, he has not made enough progress to return to the NHL. In all seriousness, I hope Pazzy can recover to his full potential - and if I were him, I would be seeing if I could get Ray Emery's phone number and repeating as much of his rehab routine as possible.

Congratulations to The Other Paper's Steph Greegor, who won an award from the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists for her Blue Jackets coverage this year! Way to go!

We've got an interesting tale of two restricted free agents. On one side, James Van Riemsdyk signed a new 6 year deal with the Flyers (though PD points out we've heard this song before), while Drew Doughty continues his game of ping pong with the LA Kings - and the Kings are saying that it's his serve after making several "revised offers". Take a look at Quisp's reaction over at Jewels From The Crown.

The guys at Puck Watch took a look at the Jackets for a "30 in 30" report, and I understand some of their predictions, but I'm also noticing they don't seem to realize that we gave Mark Dekanich a 1 way contract. They also describe Kristian Huselius as starting the season "A little late", which is a lot like describing someone who has been set on fire as "a little warm."

Mike Smith has a fantastic new mask. Is it too much to hope he gets his pads from the ACME catalog?

Puck Rakers has their official report on Fox Sports Ohio picking up 79 games in HD this season, and LTL and DBJ are both thrilled.

Mike Knuble scoffs at your suggestion of retirement. The Black Knights are INVINCIBLE.

Eklund at Hockeybuzz has the Jackets listed as one of the most improved teams this offseason.

Michael Ryder had an...incident during his day with the cup.

Remember that fantasy "NHL Re-Draft?" They worked with EA to simulate a full season for the revised NHL rosters they created, and look who came out on top of the West?

Puck Daddy gets their Yinz on with Pittsburgh radio show host Mark Madden.

Jason Chimera is excited about the Capitals this season, but he asks the fans to be patient.

The "In Depth" series at Puck Rakers takes a look at theleft side of the defense.

Good news for Matthew Lombardi - he's been declared symptom free and OK to begin exercising.

Gallos talks a bit about the mandate from J.P. Mac, a week of adversity on the schedule, and getting the fans more involved.

Once again, another story about the Flyers needing to name a new captain. Once again, Chris Pronger's name is mentioned quite a lot.

Finally, looks like Stinger took a road trip...

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