Shrapnel - 8/30/11

Good morning! We've got our ice back. Take a moment to reflect.

James Wisniewski will throw out the first pitch at today's Reds game in Cincinnati. He'll also take some batting practice and he will appear on Fox Sports Ohio before and during the game.

He's not the only NHLer getting a few swings in - a group of NHLers working with BioSteel's Matt Nichol in Toronto went to the Rogers Center for a few pre-game swings yesterday, then stayed to watch the Jays smoke the Rays. Among the attendees? Blue Jackets prospect John Moore.

In an eerie bit of coincidence, within hours of PHT asking if the Coyotes need more help on the ice, Phoenix traded Lee Stempniak to Calgary for veteran forward Damon Langkow. The deal depends on Langkow passing a physical, but would certainly improve Phoenix's veteran depth. Puck Daddy has a great reaction piece on the trade.

Thinking about going on the Jacket Backers roadtrip to Nashville? Better hurry up! The first bus is SOLD OUT! Awesome and exciting news to see the trip filling up so quickly. Check out LTL for a few more details.

So as much as we joke about the possibility of an NHL team in Honolulu, Derek Zona took the time to ask what that team might actually look like, and what their success would depend on. Gotta say, like the alternate unis.

Public Service Reminder: The "new" Blue Line at Tuttle Mall re-opens today! Derick Brassard will be there to sign autographs, and I would think there will be many people willing to sell you some swag.

James Mirtle talks with Gary Roberts about his fitness and diet programs for the NHLers he trains in the summer, including some pretty tasty sounding sample recipes.

Over at CBJ Blog, Andy continues "The Case for Columbus" with the city's demographics and finances.

It's been nearly 20 years since the expansion that brought Anaheim, Dallas, and Florida into the NHL. PHT takes a look at their post-expansion fortunes.

Puck Rakers has more of their "In Depth" series, this time going down the right wing. As I pointed out in the past. RW is a position of relative weakness for the team, at least at the NHL level...

The guys at Copper & Blue had a talk with Fantasy Hockey Scouts with some discussion about how to set yourself up for success.

Want more tips at how to dominate your league? (and have you let us know if you'd be interested in signing up?) Go check out FHS's Scouting Reports and Breakout Bible. I had a chance to read through these a bit last night and it's a great package with tons of well composed information to help you target guys to give you the best value in every round of your draft.

Last for today, the guys at Crimespree Hockey did a roundtable on who had the best summer, and not surprisingly the Jackets came up as an improved team.

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