Shrapnel - 8/15/11

I am still in a bit of mental overload from Cannonfest yesterday. Such a great experience - I'll have a post up about it for everyone later, but this was truly an incredible experience - even more fun than last time - and it was all because of you. Without the community that we've built around the Blue Jackets fandom, Cannonfest would be a few guys talking at the bar and wondering where everyone else was.

Because of you, we PACKED the place, and my heart goes out to each and everyone one of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I write about this team because I'm a nutter passionate about hockey and my hometown team, but getting to talk with all of you is a big part of what makes it fun each and every day.

So, now that I'm done gushing, on to the links!

Thanks to @CBJProspects, we've got a look at Jackets' 2011 draft pick Lukas Sedlak arriving in Chicoutimi to join his QMJHL team.

Could the Thrashers jerseys become a collector's item? I have to admit I hated their third jersey, but I considered getting a home jersey out of solidarity.

Channel 6 news sports director Clay Hall came out to Cannonfest and produced this news item! Channel 10 was also there but I haven't seen that show up online yet. If you find it, please post it!

A great fanpost at PPP compares Nikolai Kulemin to other 30 goal scorers (including Rick Nash and Jeff Carter) and talks about his room for improvement.

Philly bloggers at Driving Play are wondering if Jakub Voracek was actually better than we think at even strength - I can see his point, but I'd look at the zone starts and note that Nash consistently got harder starts, where Jake was still seeing some protection, especially at home.

Could Sidney Crosby miss the start of the season? He could, certainly. But I'd argue that isn't a bad thing. I'd much rather see Sid get cleared for contact a couple weeks late and have a productive season (and career!) rather than have him come back too quickly and risk an injury that could cost the game one of it's best talents. It appears Penguins coach Dan Blysma is expected to address Crosby's status when he meets with the media at a youth hockey camp today.

Jeff Little has his recap of Cannonfest up - and talks about the passion of the fans. Frequent CBJ twitterer DerDrache decided to open his own blog with his thoughts on the occasion, and DBJ has his recap up.

Mike Comrie: his boys can swim.

Over at Silver Seven, there's a sobering look at the cost of fighting in the NHL. I get caught up in the emotions of a fight on the ice as much as anyone else, but I admit it makes you think.

Nikolai Khabibulin is home from tent city, and gets to start figuring out how he'll fit the ankle bracelet into his leg pads.

Last but not least: Hockey Stick Guitar. Awesome!

Have a great Monday, and thank you again for stopping by!

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