Shrapnel - 7/24/11

Suddenly, we have a top six.

Reactions are generally positive, and not surprisingly we have a lot of focus on the hopes that Vinny will help fix the Jackets' malingering power play.

Rob at Jackets' Report points out that he could fill in almost anywhere, though it's likely we'll see him on the top line with Nash and Carter to see if those new shoes fit,  and Andy at CBJ Blog has a great statistical look at how Prospal might be a very promising replacement. Bart Logan also makes the good point that Prospal's arrival gives the Jackets the opportunity to pace the development of players like Atkinson, Johansen, and Kubalik rather than putting them in a position of too much too soon.

On the other hand, DBJ wisely points out that we should be careful about too much hype before anyone hits the ice, and it's a quite valid point. Prospal, on paper, looks like just what we need, and despite his injuries last year he's generally been a very productive scorer, particularly on the PP...but right now, its's just paper. I'm excited, too, but I want to see Ws on the board before I start planning any parades.

So, that sudden reveal of the Jets new logo was in response to a leak. Kind of a shame. I would have liked to see what they "really" had planned had someone not decided to spoil the surprise. Meanwhile, Puck Daddy took a look at their favorite fan made concepts, created before the official unveiling. Can't wait to see if anyone ends up coming close to the "real" jersey design once it's unveiled.

Over at Fire That Cannon, Mary discusses a serious topic: What do you do with a jersey from someone who has been traded? I've got an '08-'09 Commodore sweater waiting to figure out my personal answer to that...

On the subject of bringing in "Our Cousin Vinny", PHT ran a pair of stories on the best and worst power plays last season (Not surprisingly, Columbus did not show well here), and the best and worst PK. Again, an area in need of improvement.

There's some good news for Phoenix Coyotes fans - despite uncertainty still swelling around the club, season ticket renewals are not only coming in at 90%...but they've sold 1,000 new season ticket packages. Here's hoping that's news that helps bring this team back off the ledge, and into new ownership soon.

It looks like there's a new Blue Jackets tumblr out there for what promises to (eventually) be another CBJ podcast... (Stick tap to Greg for pointing them out!)

Justin Bourne talks a little bit of the lifestyle at different levels of pro hockey, from the ECHL up to the NHL, and how it makes you treat things differently.

Finally, a hearfelt plea for fans in denial, deprivation, and despair. Cannonfest is coming. We're here to help.

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