Shrapnel - 7/15/11

It seemed like an innocent enough idea. Sure, you'd have to get up at 3am, but hey, it'll be fun! You'd go out and find your spot in line, you brought a laptop, and you watched the first seven movies straight through with your crew before going into the theatre. But then you began to realize that meant you were up for almost 27 hours by the time you were released from the bowels of the cinema, and as you valiantly tried to drive home and stay awake, you couldn't tell if the giant on a motorcycle in your rear view mirror was real or fake.

Though maybe the talking owl with vital information about the Banana God was a clue.

It's OK, though. We're pretty certain Rick Nash is still a Wizard.

Unsurprisingly, the news has been dominated by the fallout of Kristian Huselius' injury. After the winger's successful surgery yesterday, DBJ took a look at the classic stages of handling the bad news this offseason, while the Dispatch, Jackets Report, Light The Lamp, and CBJ Blog all spent time at looking at possible replacements, and not surprisingly you're going to see the same names coming up again and again.

This is just plain cool: Some silent 1920s game film of a match between the Leafs and Blackhawks.

If you didn't get your season tickets picked out at the Draft Party, the team will offer another select a seat night next week, including autograph sessions with several players, kid's street hockey, and photo ops. It sounds like this one focuses on the new Flex Packs. Interesting.

Sidney Crosby has resumed on-ice workouts. That's encouraging news for the NHL as a whole, not just the Penguins. Imagine if the league's marquee star had to retire because of a concussion received at the marquee game of the regular season? Oof.

Lori Schmidt continued her radio station tour with a little help from Tiny Mike Nugent, updated her report on former Jackets this offseason, and talked with sources at the Jackets about rumors of prospect Maksim Mayorov leaving for the KHL. For the record, I am not too worried about losing Mayorov for one simple reason - he has to know that with all the upheaval, this is his best shot to get a spot on the team out of camp. Throwing that away to return to the KHL is unlikely unless he's decided to turn away from North America as a whole, particularly with that new "letter of understanding" between the leagues.

Speaking of Wizards and Wands, Justin Bourne spent some time talking about taping up hockey sticks, and let you in on some of his personal tricks. Reports of unicorn hair and hawthorn are exaggerated.

CBJ Blog also spent some time talking about Marc Methot's new deal, and comparing it to others around the NHL.

It sounds like the Jets new logo is almost done, and we may even see it soon.

Finally, the next video in the Blue Jackets' Prospect Profiles is here, and it features none other than Ryan Johansen!

Happy Friday!

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