Shrapnel - 6/9/2011

Well, game 4 was certainly a thing. With Boston holding serve in aggressive fashion, I'm really curious what we'll see in game 5. Can Vancouver recover at home, or will the Bruins keep their foot mashed down on the pedal?

NESN announcer Jack Edwards has a habit of tying the Bruins games into historical events. I can't help but think that, should they go all the way, he'll be comparing the Nathan Horton hit to Pearl Harbor - a devastating attack that appeared crippling, but instead proved to rouse a sleeping giant, filling it with terrible anger as it strode out for revenge.

Meanwhile, it appears we might just have some debate over who should start in net for the Canucks on Friday. Though I don't think Roberto Luongo is at fault for all of the goals, you have to admit that in the last two games, he's let twelve past him. Perhaps it is time for the Cory Schneider show to force Lou to get his head together, just as they did during the series vs. Chicago.

Speaking of the Blackhawks, remember that missing stanley cup winning puck, and the linesman who claims he never touched it and has no idea where it is? You're busted, Steve Miller.

Even if you don't want to admit to it, maybe it's best if the puck "magicially" shows up on the doorstep of the Hockey Hall of Fame, huh?

In Jackets news, the buzz is hot and heavy for Jeff Carter, from the Dispatch to Delaware County out in Philly - and it seems like there's a real possibility of this going down. Jakub Voracek and the 8th pick? Yeah, love you Jake, but I think that's a deal that most fans would be quite satisfied with. Meanwhile, the Dispatch's Aaron Portzline was on XM Radio to discuss the possibility, Jeff Little had a few comments of his own, and the guys over at Copper & Blue are wondering if the Oilers might have anything to counter-offer for the 8th pick.

On the other hand, Tom over at DBJ is wondering if Scott Howson is a strong enough closer to get these type of deals done for the Blue Jackets.

Puck Rakers is mostly just rehashing the information that was also published in the paper, but you have to admit their last tidbit of "If Scott Arniel had stayed in Manitoba, would he be in line for the Winnipeg job?" is worth a thought.

10 years ago today, the Avalanche won their second Stanley Cup. The Denver Post sat down to talk to Ray Bourque about it.

Speaking of the Avs, everyone knows they've had a LOT of injury problems the last few years...could the glass in the Pepsi Center be to blame?

And on the Injury subject, it appears that the NHL may be taking the "blindside" part out of Rule 48, and just looking to ban hits to the head in general.

What's that, you say? Please give us some good news?

OK, how about the WHL/NHL alumni ride for kids in Saskatchewan, raising funds for Children's Hospitals in Saskatchewan, and featuring our own Derek Dorsett, among others? (Stick tap to Dannie Brown!)

How about a nice wrapup of the minor league hockey championships around North America from Tapeleg?

It's Thursday. Be good to yourself, and we'll see you back here later.

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