Shrapnel - 6/9/12

So, here we are again. Tonight, we could have a champion, or we could have a bunch of media frantically rushing to book hotels and plane tickets.

Not surprisingly, the Kings are trying to soft pedal to keep the pressure down, while the Devils just want to stick with their game plan. After all, they might just have a shot at this thing.

I may have also written A Thing about guys who need to step it up on both sides of the ice, but I wish I'd had these player usage charts to help pinpoint guys who really aren't cutting the mustard. (Paging Andy Greene. Paging Andy Greene. Mr. Green, please pick up the white puck carrier...)

From the "OW" department: Brandon Prust's hand looks like he got put back together by Dr. Frankenstein.

Here in Columbus, we're seeing a lot of discussion about the potential for John Davidson to join the Blue Jackets' front office, with opinions coming in from TMM, Gallos, and Puck Rakers, but nothing appears imminent. Honestly, if I was the Blues front office, even if the Jackets have an offer on the table and you're willing to let JD go, I'd wait until after the draft. He may not be directly involved in scouting, but he has enough knowledge of what the team's goals and game plans are that I wouldn't want to see him going to a divisional rival this close to the event.

If Davidson comes in (and that's still a big if), it's another big step towards changing the culture of the team, and plays into this look at the potential of this off season from

In Glendale, the city council has approved a new arena deal for the Coyotes, so now they just need to fight off the inevitable injunctions and lawsuits from the Goldwater Institute, wait for Greg Jamison to finish raising capital, and get approval for new ownership from the NHL.

What I mean to say is, as much as I want to see the Coyotes succeed in Arizona, I have an increasingly sinking feeling that we'll be talking about the 2013-2014 Nordiques before long.

Sad news in Colorado - assistant coach Adam Deadmarsh is stepping down because of concussion issues. The problems likely stretch back to his playing days. That makes it interesting that the NCAA may be changing some player safety rules. Oh, and we've got some local color in this week's jersey fouls. also has a new community spotlight for the man behind the best beard in Columbus, Vinny Prospal gets a report card, and The Union Blue features prospect awards and some interesting Rick Nash trade ideas.

That's it for now - enjoy your Saturday!

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