Shrapnel - 6/13/11

Today, as the entire city of Cleveland calls in "Sick", we still want to try to get a little work done around here. Chop chop!

(Though, seriously, congrats to Mavericks fans, and I appreciate the Schadenfreude of Cavs fans. Plus, if you haven't already, check out the interesting Twitter conversations between Brass and Commodore during the game and it's aftermath.)

We've got game 6 on the plate for tonight, and interestingly, the NHL is telling Refs not to touch the game winning puck if the Canucks clinch it, per Darren Dreger of TSN. Gee, think they're feeling a little backwash about the "missing" puck from last year?

Perhaps the most remarkable thing is, so far, the Canucks aren't even at full steam.

Before we take a leap, how about a little more CBJ goodness? Take a look at this Central Division Preview from Red Light District. You may see some familiar faces.

A little discussion about hacking and whacking after the whistle by Tapeleg leads to a good question - why is diving after getting speared called out, but the guy shanking him in the ribs getting off free?

Craig MacTavish is the leading coaching candidate for the Wild? Really? I'm sorry, boys.

Looks like the NHL leaked the Stanley Cup Champion Swag again. (Or should I say "leaked"?) I have to agree the shirts are underwhelming. The hats are kinda nice, though. A bit of an old-school look.

Congrats all around to the guys at Dark Blue Jacket. Mr. DBJ himself got hooded this weekend at OU, while Gallos' family celebrated their eldest getting his Bachleor's degree at OSU. Well done and congrats, guys. :) You done good.

Aaron Rome thinks his suspension was excessive? I bet Nathan Horton disagrees.

Ilya Bryzgalov has the Flyers over a barrel. Even if the Jackets may profit from it, this could really cost Philly.

In strange but true news, the Winnipeg _________ coaching search will include re-interviewing their current head coach. Shades of Claude Noel, huh? Let's hope Ramsay isn't planning a camping trip.

Meanwhile, Columbus Underground's Sports Page offers a good look at potential realignment for the Jackets.

Even if you win the Cup, there are downsides, but I suspect the Bruins would just like the chance to get there to find out. One way or another, if there's going to be a Game 7, Tim Thomas will have to continue to carry the Bruins through Game 6.

We might have a champion tonight. We might have a heartbreak tonight. We should have one hell of a hockey game tonight. We'll let you know how it all shakes out.

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