Shrapnel - 5/10/12

Is there anything better than the prospect of a big game seven matchup to close out the semi-finals? I submit that there is not.

On the one side, you have a Rangers team that has looked incredible at times, particularly when King Henrik gets his crown on (that scissor sliding stop yesterday - WOW.) On the other, you have a Capitals club that has banded together under Dale Hunter and Braden Holtby in a way I don't think anyone expected when the playoffs started.

Saturday is going to be tons of fun.

Closer to home, now that the City of Columbus (and Franklin County) own Nationwide Arena, they're interested in bringing the NBA to town.

While that CAN work in some cities (heck, LA has TWO teams sharing the Staples Center with the Kings), I'm not 100% convinced that Columbus has the right market for it - as the Dispatch points out, Columbus would be the lowest metro population of any team to try hosting both NBA and NHL franchises in the same arena. There's also all the issues of sharing the facility, converting the playing surfaces....oh, yeah, and the question of who, exactly, would be paying to own the team.

I certainly see where it would be a potential win for the city (the idea of someday having an I-71 playoff series between the theoretical Columbus team and the Cavs is thick with awesome), but I suspect this is an area where all parties should proceed very carefully.

Continuing at the Dispatch, we have a nice look at Derek MacKenzie as part of today's notebook article and Puck-Rakers takes a look at Derek Dorsett for his final report card.

Over at Jerseys and Hockey Love, Tapeleg checked out the final game of the NAHL Robertson Cup. This post features awesome mustaches, mascot violence, and a dude in a Luchadore mask. That's worth your clicks right there.

From the Doing A Good Thing department: Both Derek Dorsett and Jared Boll will be at this year's Make Cystic Fibrosis History charity hockey tournament on June 9th, the Jacket Backers will have their annual Ryan Salmons blood drive at Memorial Baptist Church on June 16th,and a campaign called "Mini-sticks for Mikko" has started to brighten the life of a young boy suffering from neuroblastoma. Personally, I've got an old mini-goalie stick from the 2007 draft that I think is about to find a new home.

Back to business - The Coach over at the Union Blue took our Scoring Chances data and had some interesting results, while CBC's Ron MacLean stuck his foot into it a bit last night.

Over at Icethetics, they have another Jersey Watch post, and a design contest to celebrate turning 5 yesterday.

The Dark Blue Jacket has launched their "DBJ+" page with Fox Sports Ohio, Gallos is calling for a possible trade with San Jose, Mr. DBJ checks out a few of Columbus' summer sports, and he received a press release from F.A.N.S. about a 1000 signature petition delivered to the team. (No press release for me. I guess I'm not actually cool any more.) Here's a copy of the "Open Letter" they delivered alongside the petition. It's about what you'd expect given the position of the group.

Finally, a bit of "Insult to Injury" - a day after getting bounced from the playoffs, the Flyers are getting sued over their winter classic ticket policies.

Have a great day!

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