Shrapnel - 4/17/12

After another night of playoff action, we managed to make it through 24 hours without a massive brawl, though Jason Chimera did deliver a hit where nobody ever wants to be speared.

In Ottawa, Henrik Lundqvist was on fire, stopping 39 shots for the shutout, while Brian Boyle's goal put the Rangers into the drivers' seat for their series.

In the lone Western Conference game, the Sharks gave it a good try, but they simply couldn't get on top of the Blues, who now take a 2-1 lead in that series. San Jose NEEDS a win in game four, or they may find themselves on the beach once again.

Closer to home, Puck Rakers looks at the ramifications of a big playoff run for LA, Gallos continues his psychochronographical journey through the previous season, and Rob Mixer takes a look at Marc Methot, Jack Johnson, and Cam Atkinson getting ready for the World Championships.

Interested in that May 5th US / Canada match? Methot was nice enough to offer a scouting report via twitter, while Atkinson happily responded.

Elsewhere, Travis Hughes wonders if the Penguins' antics in their series has done permanent damage to their reputation, and to that of Mario Lemeuix, Daniel Sedin has joined his teammates in LA, though it's not clear if he will dress in Game 4, and Justin Bourne gives a critical look at Sidney Crosby's behavior.

Like it or not (and personally, I don't), Brendan Shanahan has come out and said he's now suspending for injuries, not intent. While I suppose it might avoid another James Wisniewski overreaction, I don't see how it makes things like shrugging off the Shea Weber incident better.

Finally, how about a little Columbus news? (They send it to my inbox. I should be nice and share!) Zauber Brewing over in Grandview is opening a food truck pod later this month, and speaking of food trucks, check out this feature on the brains behind the new Ajumama Korean street food truck that will be patrolling the C-bus streets!

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