Shrapnel - 3/15 Edition

In this edition of Shrapnel: Edmonton, Gilbert Brule, Noel, injuries, the longest game ever, and more!

Lets do this...


If things weren't bad enough, now our captain is sick, and only 6 players took to the ice for practice. Sounds like the team is just exhausted. Hell, I'm exhausted for them. It is looking pretty bad for our guys tonight even if they ARE playing the worst team in the league.

Wonder how the future will look? With the young group of talent we have waiting in the wings, hopefully the future = 2010-11.


BlueJackets XTRA:

The end of the season draws near, and the Interim tag will be removed from Claude Noel one way or another. If Noel doesn't become head coach, he will likely leave to coach elsewhere. Now whether that be in the NHL or minors or juniors is unknown, but I think he'll make a hell of a coach somewhere.

Lineups for tonight:



What happened to Gilbert Brule? He went from being a highly-touted prospect drafted by a bad team, to being a slightly average player on another bad team. If he were in the right system, he could be a very effective player.



What to watch for tonight: Edmonton G Jeff Deslauriers. He recently had a blow-up that makes this guy look like a saint.

Gameday: Edmonton. What happens when an unstoppable force meet and immovable object? Whatever it is, it won't be seen in tonight's game. Its going to be brutal.


Yahoo! Sports:

In case you missed it, which would have been awfully hard, an NCAA game set the all time record for the longest game ever played. Maybe ties aren't so bad afterall.....

Ovechkin? They don't need no stinking Ovechkin. After being ejected for boarding a Blackhawk (thank you) the Caps rallied to win in OT. Seriously though, I don't want anyone to get hurt (yes, this means you too Crosby). To further prevent serious injury, should the league institute suspensions for game misconduct penalties?


Rumors around the league are saying that the boarding penalty given to Ovechkin could lead to Brian Campbell missing the rest of the season.

Its about time to start looking at the entry draft. An early look at the player rankings have an awful lot of offensive talent at the top.


Quote of the day:

"Young guys who stay on a roster and don't get played . . . that's not a good situation. Anyway, we are happy to have Gilbert."

- Oilers coach Pat Quinn on having Gilbert Brule.

Fight of the weekend:

Ottawa RW Chris Neal v. Vancouver C Rick Rypien

Honorable Mention:

Philadelphia C Mike Richards. New York Rangers C Brandon Dubinsky. Video.

St. Louis LW D.J. King v. Minnesota LW Derek Boogaard. Video.


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