Shrapnel - 2/25 Edition


In this edition of Shrapnel: Update on Rusty, Former Jackets, getting back to practice, contract extensions, the women's Gold Medal game, and more!


Conspicuous by his absence from practice was defenseman Rusty Klesla. Good news: There were no and have not been any setbacks in his recovery. Bad news: He has already been ruled out for a return against Vancouver.



Former Jackets: M-P


BlueJackets XTRA:

The Jackets took to the ice yesterday for their first practice since the start of the Olympics. Look for the defensemen to become more involved offensively. I feel this is absolutely necessary for us to get back into the race.

Maybe Coach Noel is being dramatic, maybe the players are in denial. Either way, I hope there isn't any sort of rift between player and coach over something as petty as fitness.

Certainly entertaining, the rematch between the Americans and the Swiss made for a great hockey game. This game was more fun to watch than the one-sided pummelling the Canadians put on the Russians.


Yahoo! Sports:

A piece of history for you all to jump into. Both American teams have a chance at redemption and to become the second nation to sweep for Gold in hockey.

The buzz around town is a potential rematch between Teams USA and Canada. Hopefully no one starts looking ahead. The Fins and Slovaks aren't in the semifinal round for nothing.

The Stars have waived G Alex Auld, thus squashing any rumors that Turco could be moved at the deadline.

Nashville will restart their season in the newly named Bridgestone Arena.

Contract Extensions: Minnesota signs Clutterbuck, Preds sign Rinne.


Vancouver 2010:

Don't miss, I repeat, DON'T miss the Women's Hockey Gold Medal game tonight at 6:30. The top two scoring teams in the tournament are going head to head. The American Women are coming in scoring 10 goals per game, and the Canadian Women are scoring 11.5 goals per game. How much you wanna bet we'll see a low scoring game?


Quote of the day:

"We could have done more (conditioning) on the ice, but that falls on the coaches' hands. We've done a lot on the bikes and worked out a ton and kept up our weights more than I ever have in a season."

- R.J. Umberger

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